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A renovation contractor in Tel Aviv can be at your service in a wide variety of situations. Indoor construction, outdoor construction, replacement of flooring or renewal of ceramics and the list goes on. How much will it cost us? How do we test its reliability? Here are some important details about his choice.

When will we need Renovations contractor in Tel Aviv?

The work that a renovation contractor in Tel Aviv can provide you may need several times in your life or not at all. We hope for you not to, because this is a very expensive cost that we will expand on later, in a not easy choice and of course in a not so convenient period. Home renovations can be when you move into a new house that is not renovated, when you are tired of the look of the house or you have decided not to work in an apartment but to invest in it and maybe even enlarge it. Sometimes the renovations will be easier, such as renovating the shower only, and sometimes they will be more comprehensive and will also include electrical and plumbing work.

How do we check the credibility of the contractor?

The most important thing when choosing a remodeling contractor in Tel Aviv is really not the price but its reliability. Even if the price that a renovation contractor in Tel Aviv offers you will be lower than the price of another contractor, in the end if he is not reliable, the work he performed may not be good. In the best case that can happen he will come back to you and make repairs and you will just have a momentary sadness, in the worst case he will run away from you, will not answer you and you will have to order Renovator Added at a very high price without receiving any compensation. You can check its reliability by recommending online and of course a first impression and its reputation in the market.

How much will a renovation contractor in Tel Aviv cost us?

It is impossible to talk about the price that a renovation contractor in Tel Aviv will charge because it depends on the work he performs. There are renovation works that will cost NIS 20,000 and there are works that will cost NIS 100,000. A general renovation of a 3-4 room apartment will cost about NIS 90-120,000, building another room in a private concrete house will cost about NIS 100,000 and replacing flooring can cost between NIS 20,000 and NIS 30,000.

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