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Apartment renovation What does it mean? Dreams of a new kitchen or Luxurious bathroom Having a spa can be the most fun part of a renovation, however finding the right renovation contractor is the most important part. This person will demolish your walls and waste your money. Therefore, it is very important that you love it and trust it enough so that you can embark on the renovation journey together.

We have heard nightmare stories of homeowners being harmed by choosing an unsuitable contractor. Do not be one of them! Asking the following questions can help you hire the most suitable person:

Can you refer me to your apartment remodeling clients?

Clients are the best source of information, so feel free to ask a potential contractor to talk to clients with whom he has worked in the past. Wear your interviewer's hat and ask questions such as, "Did he live up to expectations and schedules?" And "What were your good and bad experiences in the process?". Christina Hoffman, content editor for HouseLogic.com recommends reviewing online reviews as well. "Look at Google My Business, Easy and Online Forums," she says. "Make sure you see all the things people say."

What is the breakdown of the costs of renovating an apartment?

Do not ask for a general price estimate. One of the most important questions is "Can you price each item individually?" , Hoffman says. “That way you can compare apples to apples. If the items are not priced separately, you do not know what you are charged for. ” An item pricing list also lets you identify where you can make changes to save costs.


How long have you been working in the apartment renovation area?

Renovation personnel Must do quality work and maintain a good reputation in order to stay in the field. In addition, you pay for their relationships with other contractors or suppliers. Ask “how long have you been working in this area,” Hoffman recommends. "You want them to be established and have an established team of subcontractors."

Are you a licensed contractor, do you have a guarantee to cover damages, do you have insurance for employees?

Most states require contractors to pass a test and attend annual professional courses in order to retain their license. The insurance is designed to cover employee injuries. That way, if someone is injured during work, the company’s insurance company covers the medical expenses. Otherwise, an injured employee may demand from you, the landlord, to pay the medical expenses. A letter of guarantee is an obligation to the landlord in the event that the contractor has not completed the work or has gone bankrupt.


Renovation of villas - will you obtain a building permit?

Building permits are required for most professional apartment renovation works, in order to ensure that a building inspector has reviewed the work and approved it. Be aware that there are construction contractors who are willing to work without building permits!


What are the schedules?

After listening to their schedule and assessing the needs of the project, agree on estimated dates for the start and end of the project. If you need to finish the project by a certain date - such as finishing the bathroom work until your new civil New Year's party - state this in advance.

Unlike renovations seen on TV shows, delays are common. It is rare for projects to be completed on time and in an orderly manner. In addition, "there are things that construction contractors can not see until the start of work, such as what is under the floors or behind the walls, such as mold or rot," Hoffman notes.


Who does the work?

Will the apartment remodeling contractor you are talking to perform the actual work or will it be another person on his behalf? "The general contractor is not necessarily the person who will come to your home every day," Hoffman says, "so you may want to ask if you can meet the person who will actually perform it, before starting work." "Again, it's nice to meet the person who will be at your house and use your bathroom every day."

Will all agreements be formulated into a signed agreement?

Every detail should be included in the contract, such as payment dates, schedules for performing the work, materials to be purchased and other necessary details. The agreement must be signed before the work begins and any payment is made. An established construction contractor will not shy away from signing a contract.

Answering all of the above questions should leave you with a good feeling about your new remodeling contractor. If something seems "squeaky" to you, listen to your gut feeling and keep looking.

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