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Choosing a home remodeler will not always be such a pleasant choice. Although you are excited about the beginning of the renovations, it is nevertheless not a low cost at all and of course a reliability problem that will always hover over the air, when you really have no knowledge of renovations. Here are some common questions that will help you prepare for this period.
Do I need a building permit for a home remodeler?
To renovate the house there is a chance that you will have to issue a building permit. How will you know this? You can ask the renovator himself, you can find out online or ask the municipality. All three options can help you figure out in a few minutes whether your renovations will have to be postponed in a few months or you can start as early as tomorrow if the renovator is available. A building permit for a renovator will be requested when he adds construction to a building and not when making an internal change. Even if it is an external drywall that creates another room you need a building permit.
How much does a home remodeler cost?
Home renovations have such a large price range that it is impossible to set the amount. It can be said that it starts at NIS 10,000 and can reach up to NIS 100,000. In the end, renovations depend very much on the area to be renovated and the type of renovations, such as installing ceramic tiles in the house or new flooring in the floor can cost NIS 20,000, while more massive renovations that include building another room or breaking a wall between the living room and kitchen will cost NIS 50 or more.
When will we pay the renovator?
One of the most important questions is about the date of payment. Some people do not understand when they should pay a remodeler when most remodelers will probably ask you for the money in advance, or at least a significant portion of it. If you are afraid of the renovator and you do not think he is reliable then do not bargain with him about the payment date, but simply do not choose him in advance. If you think it is reliable you can close with it on payment of one third of the amount in advance, one third at the beginning of the renovations and one third at the end. This will give both parties confidence and trust in each other when it is possible to deliver the checks in advance by dates.

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